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Welcome To Torleendee Rigging

About Us

Torleendee cc is a family business providing professional rigging to the industry within South Africa and abroad  including projects in Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, etc. Torleendee has been running since 1997 with Alan Botha heading up the company after leaving Iscor Pretoria where he completed his apprenticeship and qualified as a rigger in 1980. He then went on to become the rigger shop foreman until Iscor Pretoria’s closure, the entire works’ rigging, overhead cranes, hoists and lifting tackle was overseen by him in this period. This vast experience in industrial rigging has given the company an edge in the market as his experience in super lifting and extra ordinary construction has become second nature.


Torleendee supplies qualified rigging services to as a matter of interest to the industry’s stringent and necessary safety requirements. All staff are competent in their jobs, completing medicals and induction frequently.


We have the capacity and capability to rig sensitive and delicate equipment, all rigging and machine moving is pre planned by means of rigging studies provided to you the client, risk assessments are conducted and safety is ensured.


We also splice fibre and steel wire rope for all applications, including ferrule splicing, epoxy splicing and manual rope splicing including long splices, short splices, back splices, eye splices, grommets, Liverpool and Admirility.


Alan is a registered Lifting Machine Inspector (LMI) with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), thus we are able to provide certificates of conformance for load testing that we perform on overhead cranes, hoists, mobile cranes, manual chain hoist, lever hoists, steel wire rope slings, nylon slings, tirfors, snatch blocks, shackles, beam clamps, etc.


Contact us with any queries or requests.

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